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CBIZ ACA CheckPoint was first introduced to CBIZ Payroll and Employee Benefits clients in February as an employee measurement, tracking and reporting solution for the Series 1094/1095 Forms, due to employees in January 2016 and the IRS in March. The deadline is fast approaching for employers to determine how they're going to comply, and CBIZ clients across divisions are invited to attend and learn more about the tool before it's too late to take advantage of the opportunity for the 2015 reporting year. 

Join hosts Jim King, CBIZ Employee Benefits COO, Karen McLeese, CBIZ Employee Services Vice President of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs and Arthur Tacchino, SyncStream Chief Innovation Officer and creator of the CBIZ ACA CheckPoint tool

This webinar will:

  • Provide a quick refresher of Shared Responsibility Compliance Requirements for 2015/2016 
    • Who must file 
    • Who is at risk 
  • Share the story of CBIZ’s search for a partner 
  • Provide a Live demonstration of the CBIZ ACA CheckPoint dashboard tool 
    • A review of the measurement and tracking feature 
    • A review of the Reporting Essentials features 
    • An explanation of how forms will populate 
  • Share deadlines for cut-off of new applications for the CBIZ ACA CheckPoint tool 


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