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We hope you enjoy our Wellbeing Insights monthly magazine that offers practical tips to inspire readers to make healthy changes in their lives and includes special features like On the Menu nutrition info and recipes, Financial Focus features, and wellbeing-oriented App in a Snap mobile app recommendations.

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  August 2019
Looking to deepen your relationships or spark new friendships? We’ve got you covered with a list of tips for capitalizing on the benefits of being social. Also in this month’s issue; a chickpea recipe for a tasty treat that can be savory or sweet and some strategies for making back-to-school a breeze by easing into it with a summer routine. Lastly, Get to know 3 members of our team in this month’s ask the experts as our consultants answer questions about their personal journeys to vibrant living.

July 2019
Conduct a mid-year goal check-in and gain insights and advice from our wellbeing team members in this month’s issue. Refresh on tips to keep your home energy-efficient during the summer months and learn how to bring some meditation into your walking routine with Mindful Minute.


June 2019
Get ready for summer vacation with the June edition: Brush up on summer safety tips (including what “SPF” is all about) and get some pointers from fellow parents for fun-filled family roadtrips. Green beans are on the menu this month and our mindful minute provides a quick morning practice to keep your mindset cool as a cucumber.


May 2019
Get to know a few members of the Wellbeing team as they offer advice and provide insights into their own journey toward vibrant living. For Mental Health Month, check out our Mindful Minute exercise and mental health pick-me-ups. Our Financial Focus helps you plan your summer vacation on a budget.

  April 2019
LIve a better more vibrant life with advice from this month's issue. April is both Donate Life Month and Stress Awareness Month, so look for useful information on both important topics. Also, please check out our article on clearing the clutter from your life in order to clear your mind. Time for some spring cleaning!
  March 2019
Rise and Shine! This month, we'd like to help you get more out of your all-important sleep so you can become master of your mornings. We'll also expose some myths about nutrition that may surprise you. And, our Financial Focus this month is on strategies for starting a savings plan. 
  February 2019
In this issue, we offer some tips on managing and renewing your energy to get the most out of your time. Also, read on to discover what the Japanese mean by "mizu no kokoro" and how it can help you keep a calm mind through it all. Parents will appreciate our advice on conquering the morning mayhem. Enjoy!
  January 2019
Happy New Year! Our first issue of 2019 will help you get from your resolutions to your goals by way of visualization. We'll also help you fine-tune your fitness program and safeguard against those pesky seasonal sniffles, tickles, and coughts. Make it a great year!
  December 2018
The new year is almost upon us. Thank you for spending at least a small part of it with us. In this month's issue, we offer some advice on keeping weight loss resolutions in perspective.  We'll also give you some holiday savings tips and encourage you to get up and get outdoors for all the wonderful health benefits it offiers. Bundle up!
  November 2018
This month we bring you a cornucopia of valuable information. It's Diabetes Awareness Month, so we offer you a primer on Type 2 Diabetes, which is becoming ubiquitous among Americans, but is also both avoidable and manageable. We also hope you'll take a look at our other articles covering topics from turnips to vitamin D. Enjoy the fall weather! 
  October 2018
Our October issue is chock full of great articles. From informing you of the downside of staying too connected to social media and what to do about it, to understanding the perks and pitfalls of caffeine consumption, you're likely to find something informative here. Our financial focus this month is on figuring out how much money you need in order to retire. Have a healthy fall
  September 2018
September is Healthy Aging Month. Have you ever heard of "forest bathing?" If not, you may find this issue's cover story fascinating, We also offer a couple of informative articles about aging gracefully . . . and perhaps more slowly. Our Parenting Corner article will give you some advice on dealing effectively with childrens' sibling rivalries. Thanks for reading!








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