2024 State of Employer-Sponsored Health Care Report | CBIZ

Each year, our experts conduct the annual State of Health Care Survey to determine where employer-sponsored health care is headed. This year, we surveyed 388 employers of varying sizes and industries from across the country and compiled our findings in this State of Health Care Report.

Inside, you’ll find exclusive insights reflecting employers’ priorities for 2024, employee benefits trends, top medical offerings and more — all intended to help your organization stay ahead of the curve this year and beyond.

What is the current state of healthcare in the United States?

In 2023, the state of healthcare was defined by the war for top talent, increasing costs, unethical PBM practices and the push for return-to-office policies. Each of these key events and trends impacted the employee benefits landscape.

While many of these trends are ongoing, new medical offerings and shifting employer priorities will likely impact the state of healthcare in 2024. For example, virtual primary care, direct and advanced primary care services, and on-site or near-site medical clinics are some of the top medical offerings for this year, according to our State of Health Care Survey results. The rise of these benefits will inevitably affect employers’ health care costs and the cost of healthcare overall, as well as employees’ expectations. In our annual State of Health Care Report, we dive deeper to provide a holistic healthcare outlook for 2024.

What are employers' top priorities for 2024?

It comes as no surprise that recruiting and retaining talent is employers’ top strategic initiative for the second year in a row. The labor market continues to be incredibly competitive, and it is crucial to hone in on recruiting and retaining top talent to reduce the costs and wasted time associated with high turnover.

Closely following recruitment and retention are controlling medical costs and maintaining compliance. Health care costs continue to rise year-over-year, and employers are increasingly seeking innovative benefits cost-containment tactics to help reduce their medical spend. In addition to rising costs, employers also face the challenge of keeping up with ever-changing regulations and legislation impacting employee benefits. This year, maintaining compliance will be key for organizations seeking to avoid costly fines and penalties.

CBIZ’s State of Health Care Report explores other top priorities for employers this year, including managing pharmacy costs, improving benefits communications and more.

What’s Inside the State of Health Care Report?

Inside the annual State of Health Care Report, you’ll find statistics and insights regarding:

  • Employer priorities for 2024
  • Employee benefits trends
  • Top medical benefit offerings this year
  • And more

Download your copy of the annual State of Health Care Report today to gain access to all the exclusive data collected via the 2024 CBIZ State of Health Care Survey.