2024 Employee Benefits Regulatory Handbook | CBIZ, Inc

What Employers Need to Know in 2024 to Maintain Compliance

Ensuring the compliant development, management and administration of employee benefits plans has always been important. However, shifting regulations and an increased focus on welfare plan fiduciary responsibility point to the fact that the tides are changing, and minding your fiduciary Ps and Qs must be prioritized in 2024.

This employee benefits regulatory and legislative guide is intended to help you do just that. Download the 2024 regulatory & legislative guide today to review some of the notable regulatory and legislative updates that affected employee benefits in 2023 and get a preview of what’s on the horizon regarding compliance-related changes and requirements for 2024.

Why is it important to maintain benefits compliance in 2024 and beyond?

Beyond the laws and regulations requiring it, employers should turn their attention to proper employee benefits administration because it’s simply the right thing to do. Staying up-to-date and compliant not only secures your plan participants’ ability to access the benefits they’re entitled to but also protects your organization’s benefits investment.

How will this guide help my organization maintain compliance this year?

This employee benefits compliance handbook was developed by our regulatory affairs team to assist your organization in preparing for the year ahead by informing you of notable regulatory and legislative changes from the past year and offering insight into what the future may hold. While this is not intended to be an exhaustive guide, it can serve as a valuable resource alongside other employee benefits compliance-related materials.

Subjects covered in this handbook include ERISA, the no gag clause rule, prescription drug and medical reporting, transparency in coverage regulations, the Mental Health Parity Act and Addiction Equity Act, employer shared responsibility, annual notice obligations, EEOC reporting, lingering covid issues, states with paid family and medical leave laws, 2024 COLA highlights and other potential changes.

What’s inside the Regulatory & Legislative Update: What Employers Need to Know in 2024?

Inside the 2024 regulatory & legislative guide you’ll discover:

  • Compliance updates & must-knows 
  • Year-end to-dos to keep in mind as we wrap up 2023 
  • What’s on the horizon for 2024 benefits regulations and legislation 
  • And more 

Ready to set your organization up for a successful and compliant 2024? Download your copy of Regulatory & Legislative Update: What Employers Need to Know in 2024.