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An employer’s guide to effectively navigating open enrollment from start to finish.

So, you successfully navigated your health plan renewal. Now what? The next step is to get ready for open enrollment. This crucial period has the potential to impact your organization’s benefits utilization, employee engagement, retention rates and more

It’s essential to properly prepare for open enrollment to ensure success, but it can be difficult to know where or when to start. That’s why we developed our Open Enrollment Guide — an employers’ comprehensive handbook to facilitate an effective benefits enrollment period.

Inside, you’ll discover the ideal open enrollment timeline, downloadable benefits resources and exclusive tips and tactics from our employee benefits team to enhance employee engagement, awareness and benefits utilization throughout the year.

When Should My Organization Start Preparing for Open Enrollment?

The open enrollment preparation process actually begins during the health plan renewal process. When you are 90 to 60 days out from open enrollment, you’ll likely be waiting for quotes to come in from insurance carriers. We recommend utilizing this time to set the scope for your open enrollment.

By setting the scope, we mean defining your goals for this year’s benefits enrollment, preparing a solid marketing and communications plan and identifying what changes will need to be made to your benefits materials based on any shifts in your health plan.

This guide offers insight into each of these processes, as well as guidance on how to navigate all the stages that follow in the open enrollment preparation timeline.

What’s Inside?

Inside the Employee Benefits Open Enrollment Guide, you’ll discover:

  • How to set the scope for your open enrollment by setting actionable goals, preparing a communications plan and identifying benefits changes
  • When to start fine-tuning your enrollment technology and updating your open enrollment materials
  • Tips to ensure effective employee education and communication leading up to open enrollment
  • How to keep employees engaged throughout the enrollment process
  • And more

Ready to set your organization up for a successful benefits enrollment? Download your copy of the Employee Benefits Open Enrollment Guide today.