Mapping the Labyrinth of Federal, State & Local Leave Laws

Mapping the Labyrinth of Leave Laws Employer Handbook

Mapping the Labyrinth of Leave Laws:

An Employer’s Handbook for Navigating the Intersecting Federal, State & Local Leave Laws


With so many intersecting federal, state and local sick, medical and family leave laws, how do you keep current with them all? And, most importantly, how do you ensure your benefit plans are in compliance?

This handbook covers evolving leave laws and notices employers must know in order to navigate the changing environment of health benefits. It also addresses how to ensure your internal policies, procedures and benefit programs can meet the requirements of FMLA, ADA, ADAA, PDA and USERRA, together with state and local sick and family medical leave laws.

What’s Inside?

  • Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) review, updates and notice obligations
  • Breakdown of state & local paid sick leave laws and common provisions
  • Leave laws checklist - 8 steps employers should take to ensure compliance
  • A look ahead for employers: actions items, reminders & congressional proposals to keep track of

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