Employer Compliance Handbook: COVID-19's Impact on Benefits and Employment Social Media

Employer Compliance Handbook COVID-19's Impact on Benefits and Employment Social Media


Benefit and employment matters are moving quickly and constantly changing regarding COVID-19. That’s why employers need to stay on top of benefit plan impacts that will affect their business and employees.

This handbook provides a review of COVID-19-driven employment laws and regulations, includes charts of state law actions relating to state and local leave laws, as well as lays out employee benefit considerations that are arising as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

What’s Inside?

  • Charts of state employment benefit laws including COVID-19 issued guidance
  • Resources available from state labor, unemployment and insurance departments
  • Families First Coronavirus Response Act latest updates
  • Recap of benefit plan issues
  • FMLA policies and provisions
  • Employment law protections

EXCLUSIVE BONUS! Once downloaded, you can bookmark the handbook, which is updated nearly every day by our compliance team.

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