Employee Benefits Renewal Survival Guide

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Essential tactics and tips to help employers execute a seamless renewal   

How can you ensure that you’re getting the most out of your benefits investment and selecting the offerings that your employees will value and utilize? The answer involves proactively managing your health plan renewal.  

Getting a head start on planning for this crucial season has become even more essential as inflation rates hit a record 40-year high. Staggering numbers not seen since 1981 have caused the cost of living to skyrocket, leaving employees with deflated salaries and reduced buying power. This tough economic environment coupled with the tight labor market has pushed employers to get creative with their attraction and retention efforts.  

Leveraging employee benefits has emerged as a cost-effective, innovative way for employers to provide value to employees without sacrificing their bottom line, and that raises the stakes for renewal season. 

Luckily, you won’t have to navigate this challenge alone. Our Employee Benefits Renewal Survival Guide contains the tactics, tips and resources you need to execute a seamless renewal. Consider this handy guidebook your renewal Swiss army knife — have it on hand as you navigate pre-renewal preparation, post-renewal clean-up and everything in between to ensure maximum effectiveness. 


What's Inside?


  • Pre-renewal guidance to help you get prepared, including tactics to: 
    • Evaluate the external market, 
    • Review your previous renewal, 
    • Understand your role in the renewal process; and 
    • Maintain compliance 
  • Industry-wide trends to watch, as well as small and large-group specific trends 
  • 4 key steps to follow as you navigate renewal season 
  • 5 essential traits of a benefits advisor 



With a well-thought-out plan in place, you can set your organization up to thrive — not just survive — this renewal season. Download our comprehensive guide today to get ahead of your health plan renewal.