Employee Benefits Open Enrollment Survival Guide

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Everything employers need to know to successfully navigate open enrollment 

The 2023 open enrollment season has the potential to impact your organization’s benefits utilization, employee engagement, retention rates and so much more. It’s safe to say that the stakes are high as employers strategize for this crucial period. 

On top of the traditional stressors associated with open enrollment, unusual economic circumstances have added additional layers of complexity for employers. The combination of rising inflation and a potential recession have punctuated the importance of offering a strong benefits program to offset the negative effects of the economic slowdown on employee salaries. Employers must effectively communicate the value of their benefits offerings or risk losing top talent.  

Our Employee Benefits Open Enrollment Survival Guide contains tactics, tips and resources to help you communicate everything your benefits program has to offer. Inside, you’ll discover best practices for open enrollment preparation, execution and debriefing, including how to manage costs, create communication timelines, maintain compliance, keep employees informed and more. As you navigate the path to a strong digital open enrollment, this is the handy guidebook you’ll want to have in your pocket to ensure success. 

What’s Inside?

  • Preparation strategies, including how to:
    • Identify opportunities for improvement; 
    • Fine-tune your technology; 
    • Create a digital communication strategy; and 
    • Manage your health care costs 
  • Execution best practices, including why you should: 
    • Over-communicate; 
    • Offer continual guidance; and 
    • Provide proper notices 
  • Debriefing tips, including reminders to: 
    • Double-check enrollment forms; 
    • Answer any outstanding questions; and 
    • Gather employee feedback 

Careful preparation is the key to success, and open enrollment is no exception. Download your free copy of the Employee Benefits Open Enrollment Survival Guide today to arm yourself with the strategies necessary to thrive — not just survive — in 2023 and beyond.