Designing a Successful Total Rewards Program

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The ultimate guide to maximize your investment, stay ahead of the competition and optimize the employee experience 

“How can we reduce turnover and strengthen long-term employee loyalty?” 

This is a question that employers across the country are asking themselves — a question that is not easily answered. Today’s job market is volatile and unpredictable, with more than 4.5 million workers having quit their jobs in March of 2022 alone. This record number of resignations has only added to the pressure that employers are feeling as they strive to hold on to top talent. 

There is no singular solution to this industry-wide issue. However, by maximizing your investment in your greatest asset — your people — you can better position your organization as an employer of choice and stand out among your competitors. 

This can be accomplished through the creation and implementation of a holistic total rewards program. Total rewards are made up of three key components: compensation, employee benefits and employee experience. Essentially, these categories encompass everything that would be seen as a reward for working for your organization.  

In this guide, we break down the definition of total rewards, discuss competing views of total rewards, delve into the four steps necessary to maximize your investment and explore the specifications of total rewards for executives.   

What's Inside?

  • Competing views of total rewards, examined from a CFO’s perspective and an employee’s perspective 
  • 4 steps to maximize your total rewards investment 
  • Executive benefits to increase retention of high-quality leadership 
  • Additional interactive resources to assist you at every step of the implementation process  


Download our guide, “Designing a Successful Total Rewards Program,” if you’re ready to gain access to valuable insights that will help you effectively leverage your compensation, employee benefits and employee experience to positively impact retention and recruitment.