CBIZ Cost-Saving Strategies to Stretch Your Benefit Dollars

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Tactics to help employers bolster their bottom line while preserving benefits for employees 

Cost containment is always top of mind for employers, but the economic slowdown coupled with the Great Resignation has only exacerbated the need for innovative cost-saving tactics. Now more than ever, employers are seeking ways to attract and retain top talent while preserving their bottom line, and this is no easy task.  

Rising inflation has significantly reduced employees’ buying power, and they are looking to employers to go above and beyond in their benefits offerings to help offset major hits to their compensation. This has many organizations wondering, “How can we meet our workforce’s expectations while keeping costs manageable?” 

The answer involves thinking outside the box, and that’s exactly what we’ve done in the creation of our infographic, “Cost-Saving Strategies to Stretch Your Benefit Dollars.” We’ve worked with benefits experts across our organization to compile creative and innovative ways that you can combat rising inflation, skyrocketing health care costs and the increased demand for enhanced benefits offerings. 


What's Inside?

  • 20+ unique cost-containment strategies, categorized by applicable plan type and amount of potential savings
  • Specific tactics tailored to small employer ACA plans, level-funded plans, >50 insured plans, self-funded plans and variable hour employers 
  • Innovative ideas outside of typical suggestions to reduce offerings or shift the cost burden to employees, such as the Health Benefit Alliance, ICHRAs, Health Care Captives, Employer-Sponsored Health Centers, and so much more 

Download this interactive resource and click through the plan-type buttons to discover the strategies that best fit your organization’s needs. Once you’ve identified the cost-containment tactics you’d like to explore further, feel free to connect with our experts at CBIZ Employee Benefits to discuss a plan for implementation that will minimize possible disruption for your plan sponsor and employees.