An Employer’s Guide to a Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA)

Employer’s Guide to a Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA)

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Everything you need to know about MEWAs

A creative solution for providing affordable, competitive, high-quality benefits

Health care costs continue to rise and the war for top talent grows fiercer every day, prompting employers to explore unique health benefit options. A Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA) may be the solution your organization needs to stand out. 

 This comprehensive guide includes tips, tricks, and crucial information for those looking to implement a MEWA or improve their existing program.  


What’s Inside the Employer’s Guide to MEWA

  • What is a MEWA?
  • Considerations for Implementing a MEWA Program
  • What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You
  • Key Characteristics of Top-Performing MEWAs Checklist
  • MEWA Reporting & Filing Requirements
  • What to Look for in a MEWA Team


Whether you’re trying to determine if a MEWA is right for your organization or trying to take your current MEWA program from good to great, our guide can help.