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Wellbeing Insights

We hope you enjoy our Wellbeing Insights monthly magazine that offers practical tips to inspire readers to make healthy changes in their lives and includes special features like On the Menu nutrition info and recipes, Financial Focus features, and wellbeing-oriented App in a Snap mobile app recommendations.

Please consider distributing Wellbeing Insights to your employees by email, posting it on your Intranet, or printing copies for your break rooms.  Enjoy!

  July 2017
It's summertime and the livin' is easy . . . or at least a little easier with our tips for balancing your work life and personal life. Among other suggestions for a successful summer in this issue, we offer parenting advice on bringing out the best in your child athlete. Stay cool!
  June 2017
This month is carrying a heavy load: It's Safety Month, Men's Health Month, and Headache Awareness Month. Our June issue is packed with useful info on these three great topics and more. Enjoy!
  May 2017
May is Women's Health Month and also includes Bike to Work Week. In this female-focused issue, our feature article, titled, "Beyond Beautiful," suggests a few ways to build a healthier body image and a happier you. We also write about how parents can maintain their identity in a kid-centered world. Here's to a better, more vibrant life!
  April 2017
April showers portend the arrival of allergy season, so this month's issue offers six ways to keep allergies at bay. It's also both Stress Awareness Month and Distracted Driving Awareness Month. We give you helpful information on both of these topics. Look inside for some great facts about dietary fiber, too. Enjoy your spring!
  March 2017
March is both National Nutrition Month and National Kidney Month. In this issue, get the skinny on the different types of fats, and check out our tips for eating less. Our Financial Focus section this month gives some great suggestions for becoming debt-free and staying that way.
  February 2017
In this issue, broccoli is on the menu. and we also cover six things you can do for a healthy heart. With Valentine's Day this month, we have some suggestions for nurturing love and acceptance for yourself first. And, speaking of taking care of yourself, please check out our article on everybody's favorite topic, chocolate!
  January 2017
January is National Blood Donor Month as well as Cervical Health Awareness Month . . . two for the price of one! We also offer some useful advice on good carbs and bad carbs and why the difference matters. Our Financial Focus this month is about plugging the leaks in your family budget. Good reading!
  December 2016
Beat the winter blues with our December issue. We cover ways to fight off the seasonal mood changes that many of us suffer from. We also talk about setting goals and changing habits. In our "On the Menu" column, we talk turkey, including a delicious soup recipe that's sure to warm you up.. Enjoy!
  November 2016
November is Caregiver Support Month and we have some advice for self-care for those giving needed care to others. Our Mindful Minute column this month is about practicing self-compassion which is critically important for anyone who has responsibility for providing care, We hope you'll find these and the other articles in this issue interesting and informative.
  October 2016
October is both Breast Cancer Awareness and Dental Hygiene Month. We provide a spotlight on mammography in this issue. And, no fall issue would be complete without a tasty seasonal recipe. This time it's healthy pumpkin flax pancakes! Check out the other informative articles in this month's newsletter, too.
  September 2016
September is both Fruit & Veggie Month and Food Safety Month. This issue is packed with all sorts of advice on these healthy eating choices as well as how to keep your kitchen safe from germs. Our Financial Focus topic this month is all about building an emergency fund for those rainy days to come. Enjoy your fall!
  August 2016
Our August issue is focused on the keys to a happier, more satisfying life. There are many great suggestions included for how to achieve happiness and wellbeing. We've also provided some back-to-school tips for parents. It's just around the corner!


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