Actuarial Consulting Services

Year-over-year, more organizations are turning to alternative funding strategies to creatively manage employee benefits plans as they strive to mitigate increasing health plan costs that have a major impact on their bottom lines.

CBIZ Employee Services Organization’s actuarial team seeks to understand your organization’s circumstances and provide you with integrated, practical solutions that are more cost effective for your company and improve coverage for your employees.

As a top 20 broker of U.S. business, we are experienced drivers of growth who apply financial and mathematical models to help you analyze and optimize your risk alternatives, as well as successfully manage employee benefit programs to achieve sustainable growth and profit. Our actuarial consulting practice consists of four areas:

Statistical & Financial Analysis

  • Financial projections
  • Expected-loss forecasting
  • Reserve valuations            
  •  Claim run-off analysis
  • Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) valuations (FAS 106, GASB 45, IAS 19)
  • Appointed actuary for blue & orange SAP statements


Strategy & Growth

  • Program & vendor management
  • Alternative-funding feasibility studies
  • Agreement review & negotiations
  • Risk management
  • Employee benefit captive feasibility and assessment





  • Recommendations pertaining to evolving legislation, including the Affordable Care Act 
    CBIZ Health Care Reform (HCR)
  • Medicare Part D certification
  • Coordination with outside vendors


Pricing & Product Development

  • Rate development
  • Experience analysis                
  • Trend studies
  •  Underwriting & benefit design
  •  Reinsurance analysis & negotiation

Our national expertise enhances and supports our locally-delivered benefits consulting, payroll services and HRIS technology in every CBIZ ESO office nationwide.

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