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CBIZ Employee Services Organization

Organizations across the country like yours are dealing with skyrocketing health care costs, ever-changing compliance mandates, evolving HR administration needs and employees who are asking for more out of their employers than ever.

As a top 20 broker of U.S. Business, CBIZ Employee Services Organization’s employee benefits consulting helps you develop a foundation for success, consistently provides you high-touch service and guides your overall strategy to ensure holistic health and benefit plan prosperity with the following breadth of services.

HR managers, controllers, business owners and the like who find themselves worrying about a new employee’s initial compliance paperwork or dreading the next open enrollment instead of building their onboarding plan or focusing on effective benefit communication are allowing their administrative burdens to take away from their business’ success.

CBIZ Employee Services Organization’s HRIS technology is a complete human capital management system that automates all your HR-related activities – from applicant tracking in the recruitment process to benefits administration during open enrollment periods – in one cloud-based portal.


The administratively burdensome tasks of processing payroll, maintaining compliance, tax filing, and tracking time and labor threaten an organization’s productivity every day. These responsibilities require expertise, effectiveness and precision. Employees ranging from business owners to HR managers simply don’t have the time and resources to commit to these tasks at the level needed as they work on other more pressing projects.

CBIZ Employee Services Organization’s payroll services ease and automate the administrative burdens that can frequently take you and your employees away from more important tasks and, in some cases, put your organization at risk.


As health care costs continue to rise, compliance mandates change by the month, and administration intricacies constantly mount, organizations like yours are struggling to have every aspect of their employee benefits plans and HR administration processes covered with confidence.

CBIZ Employee Services Organization’s national team of specialized experts guides our national strategy with leading-edge insights and consults alongside our local CBIZ ESO consultants nationwide. This combination of national expertise and highly personalized local service provides you with complete confidence in the way you manage your employees and processes from hire to retire.