Employee Engagement Tips for The Great Resignation

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Employee engagement is essential to attracting and retaining high-performing employees, especially amid the Great Resignation. Explore our latest resources below for insights and strategies to maximize employee engagement.


Live and On-Demand Webinars

In this webinar, we'll discuss how employee communication is evolving, the impact that evolution is having on employee retention and engagement, and what employers can do to stay ahead of the curve and hold on to employees. 
The combination of high inflation and labor shortages has created a rapidly changing and hyper-competitive talent market. Our webinar will discuss key topics you should consider to succeed.
In this webinar, our presenters Joe Ellis, Mike Ziccardi and Greg Ochalek discuss how employers can leverage employee benefits and retirement solutions to combat the Great Resignation and improve employee turnover.


Adding to an already complex work landscape, the looming economic downturn comes amid an unprecedented labor shortage and a global pandemic. This combination paints a complicated and anxiety-inducing time for HR leaders everywhere. The real challenge for HR leaders, however, is to reimagine talent management while balancing rising employee expectations and business needs during market turmoil — not an easy task. Use this time to reimagine your organization leveraging the following expertise.

There's no question that women in leadership have a positive impact on the workplace; benefits include improved productivity, enhanced collaboration and decreased employee burnout. While we’ve made substantial strides toward creating more gender-inclusive work environments, many organizations still don’t view gender diversity as a priority because they don’t see how it could benefit their bottom line.

In November of 2022, U.S.-based employers reported 76,835 layoffs — 129% above the 19,052 reported cuts announced in the same month of the prior year. Significant amounts of displaced employees coupled with a lowered economic output is a significant indicator of one big thing — a recession. The pressure this creates for organizations to weather whatever the economic downturn throws their way is tremendous, making the fact that only 29% of companies have a formal exit management plan in place alarming.