Talent Acquisition during The Great Resignation

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If you’re seeking innovative ways to reduce turnover, increase health plan participation and put more money back in your employees’ pockets, this is a webinar you won’t want to miss.
In this webinar, we'll discuss how employee communication is evolving, the impact that evolution is having on employee retention and engagement, and what employers can do to stay ahead of the curve and hold on to employees. 
The combination of high inflation and labor shortages has created a rapidly changing and hyper-competitive talent market. Our webinar will discuss key topics you should consider to succeed.
In this webinar, we will share case studies on successful talent strategies implemented both internally and with our clients. 
In this webinar, our presenters Joe Ellis, Mike Ziccardi and Greg Ochalek discuss how employers can leverage employee benefits and retirement solutions to combat the Great Resignation and improve employee turnover.


The pandemic changed not just how employees work but how they think about work, and that includes what benefits they believe employers should provide. While health and leave benefits were prioritized over retirement benefits throughout 2020 and 2021, this year has seen employee preferences turning back to what they were pre-pandemic.
In the past, if you provided health insurance and retirement options, your benefits were considered competitive. Now, the pressure is on employers to supply more diverse options.
There are more than 76 million hourly workers in the United States, many of whom have historically been denied access to strong employee benefits. However, today’s hourly employees are demanding more from their employers, and organizations must adapt to meet their needs or risk losing top talent.
While the term “quiet quitting” has risen to the front of the employment landscape, new data reveals that many workers are now “quick quitting.”

Aside from the biggest decline in job vacancies since the height of the pandemic, rising inflation and other key indicators continue to paint a complicated picture of the U.S. economy. So, what’s really going on in the labor market beyond these statistics?