A statement on diversity from CBIZ CEO Jerry Grisko


To Our Stakeholders, Team Members and Communities:

At CBIZ, we condemn racism and discrimination in any form and recognize our responsibility to actively combat it in our work place and our communities.  I remain deeply troubled by the senseless killing of George Floyd and similar events that have led to protests over the last several weeks. Mr. Floyd’s death is but another example of injustices that continue to fall disproportionately on Black people and Black communities. We stand with our Black team members during this painful time but recognize that empathy is not enough.

It is central to CBIZ’s core values to ‘do the right thing’ and that we use this moment to renew the urgency around our diversity and inclusion efforts within both our team and our industry. Our words must translate to tangible action if we want to achieve the lasting and comprehensive change we seek. It is with this goal in mind that we established an internal CBIZ Task Force to focus on accelerating our diversity and inclusion work in the short-term as the foundation for our long-term strategy. I am incredibly proud of the number of CBIZ team members from across our company who immediately offered their time, energy and expertise to support this important work.

Our commitment to drive change also means partnering with others to increase diversity and inclusion in the professional services industry.  We look forward to working collaboratively with our peer firms as well as associations and organizations dedicated to supporting minority professionals on these efforts.

These immediate actions will enable us to commence what we know is a long-term journey to institutionalize diversity as an essential and valued element of our culture. Working together, we will continue to listen and learn as we develop the path forward for CBIZ.  

Jerome P. Grisko, Jr.
President & CEO
CBIZ, Inc.

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    A statement on diversity from CBIZ CEO Jerry GriskoA statement on diversity from CBIZ CEO Jerry Grisko...2020-06-15T16:56:32-05:00

    A statement on diversity from CBIZ CEO Jerry Grisko