Episode 13: Emerging Trends in Employee Wellbeing & Engagement

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Episode 13: Emerging Trends in Employee Wellbeing & Engagement

Employee wellness programs help employers manage healthcare costs, but they have traditionally relied on employees being physically present in their workforce.

Amy Snyder and Emily Noll of our Engagement and Wellbeing team discuss how wellness programs evolved for the semi-remote environment and what changes we can expect to programs in 2021. Points discussed include the following:

  • How employee wellness programs have evolved from just physical wellbeing to include emotional, social, career, community, and financial wellness
  • The way COVID-19 increased awareness of the impact of worker wellbeing
  • Tips for employers looking to create a sense of belonging so that their people can do their best work from anywhere
  • Ways to incorporate technology into initiatives to encourage remote wellness



Guest: Emily Noll, National Director, Engagement & Wellbeing Practice

Emily focuses on helping organization create the conditions for a healthy workplace culture and is a subject matter expert in wellness program compliance.

Guest: Amy Snyder, Senior Engagement & Wellbeing Consultant

Amy works with mid-market and large clients across industries in the Midwest to understand their business needs and unique factors impacting health and productivity with their organization.



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Episode 13: Emerging Trends in Employee Wellbeing & Engagementhttps://www.cbiz.com/Portals/0/Images/IP-AR-WhatsNextPodcast-Episode-1.jpg?ver=2020-12-06-124658-660Employee wellness programs shifted during the COVID-19 environment and may look different for years to come.2021-01-04T18:00:00-05:00

Employee wellness programs shifted during the COVID-19environment and may look different for years to come.

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