Biz Tips Employee Benefits Podcast

BIZTips Employee Benefits Podcast

The BIZTips Employee Benefits Podcast aims to simplify all the benefits jargon we know is confusing. We will feature discussions with our national experts on compliance, cost savings strategies, pharmacy considerations, benefit plan strategies, and health insurance 101. Our goal here is to educate, to turn the confusing world of health insurance and employee benefits into practical uses, and to have a little fun. Whether you're an HR expert or a benefits novice, this podcast is for you.


About the Host - Danny Ritz


Danny joined CBIZ as a Benefits Consultant in March of 2017 and have built a diverse book of business in the year since joining the team. With clients ranging from craft breweries to higher education, he’s gotten to work with employers with a wide variety of needs. Large and small, local and multi-site, each group faces different problems that need to be solved. He hopes the podcast is an entertaining look into the complexities of employee benefits and shows off just how lucky we are to have national experts like the ones we have at CBIZ.    



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Episode 22: ‘Tis the Season for 2023 Benefits Prep

2022 is coming to a close, which means it’s time to get prepared for the year ahead. From reviewing notable benefits events of the last 12 months to uncovering key trends for 2023, we’re walking you through everything you need to know to start off the new year on the right foot. Tune in to this episode of BIZTips to hear from Eric Rustand, Senior Consultant for CBIZ Employee Benefits, on all things benefits prep. You’ll gain insight into how to develop a long-term benefits strategy, tactics to align division leaders on that benefits strategy and trending offerings that are likely to dominate the benefits landscape in 2023.

Episode 21: Protect Your Talent Investment with Executive Benefits

Amid talk of rising inflation, “quiet quitting,” and skyrocketing health care costs, the Great Resignation seems to have fallen off the radar. However, it is not over. In fact, executives have joined the Great Resignation in droves, prompting employers to seek creative ways to hold on to high-level talent. One solution involves enhancing your executive benefits program. In this episode of BIZTips, we’re talking with Anne Long, President, CBIZ Life Insurance Solutions, about the importance of executive benefits and the must-have executive perks employers should be offering in 2023.

Episode 20: The Science of Uncertainty — An Actuary’s Take on Inflation

We all know that inflation rates are skyrocketing. The Consumer Price Index rose 9.1% year-over-year in June, making it the largest 12-month increase since November 1981. What does this mean for employers, the employee benefits landscape and the actuarial industry as a whole? Find out in this episode of BIZTips, featuring Matt Cline, Actuarial Analyst for CBIZ Employee Benefits. Listeners will hear from Matt on the shifting economic environment and how it’s impacting employers’ ability to retain top talent, protect their bottom line, project future uncertainties and more

Episode 19: What Are ERGs & Why Do They Matter?

As the saying goes, life is growth. This is as true in the workplace as it is anywhere else. Employees today are seeking ways to sharpen their skills and connect with other members of their workforce, and employers must facilitate those opportunities or risk losing top talent. In this episode, we sit down with Elizabeth Newman, CBIZ Chief of Staff, to discuss employee resource groups — what they are, how to implement them, and why they matter now more than ever.

Episode 18: Out with the Old, in with the New — Increase Retention with Innovative Onboarding

It’s no secret that employee turnover is higher than ever. Organizations are pursuing unique solutions to hold on to top talent, from improving employee benefits to increasing compensation. However, too few are focusing on onboarding — a process that can help employers significantly improve retention when done right. In this episode, we sit down with Juliana Alvey, National Communications Manager, to discuss the importance of embracing innovation in onboarding and the elements of an effective onboarding program in 2022.

Episode 17: Demystifying Health Care Costs — How Can You Take Control?

Health care costs continue to rise, but that doesn’t mean employers have to accept the expensive status quo. For those willing to go against the grain, there is ample opportunity for positive disruption in the world of employee benefits. In this episode, we sit down with Chris Davis, Director of Health Innovation, to discuss the modern cost-containment strategies that can help employers take control of their health care expenses.

Episode 16: Want to Retain Top Talent? Create a Culture of Wellbeing!

The ‘Great Resignation’ has turned the job market on its head. Now more than ever, employees have the power of choice, and employers need to think outside the box in order to remain competitive. In this episode, we sit down with Julie Fulton, Director of Wellbeing and Population Health Management, to discuss how having a comprehensive employee wellbeing program can help your organization attract and retain top talent.

Episode 15: Another year, another renewal - Time to Evaluate your Strategy

Creating plans that have a meaningful impact on employees’ health can be a tough task, so taking the time to evaluate your strategy is important. In this episode, we talk with Kelly Abbott, Vice President of CBIZ Employee Benefits, about how being prepared means knowing your situation and the alternatives that exist to select the best plan for your company and employees.


Episode 14: What You Need to Know About PEOs

We usually avoid using jargon, because let's face it - employee benefits is confusing enough without throwing acronyms into the mix! In this episode, we talk about an acronym (PEO - Professional Employer Organization) that is becoming so common we often forget it's even an acronym. Tune in to hear from CBIZ PEO Consulting Practice Lead and New Jersey native, Jim O’Connor.



Episode 13: Talking Total Rewards - the Entire Package

When we say Total Rewards, we mean the entire package – benefits beyond the standard health offerings, such as those focused on mental health and financial wellbeing. In this episode, Danny and Blanca discuss the true definition of Total Rewards, the impact COVID has had on the value of rewards, and the most under-valued benefit.  



Episode 12: What Does HR Do Again?

COVID has changed most business functions, and HR services are no exception. In this episode, Megan Abatemarco dives into everything from employee handbooks and leave laws to her favorite crazy HR acronyms! Tune in to learn more about how the CBIZ HR Services team has learned to stay nimble and creative even in the most challenging times. 



Episode 11: A Fresh Start & Emerging Recovery

In this episode, we focus on a fresh start - discussing the lessons learned in 2020 and looking towards accelerating recovery and returning to business in 2021. Danny chats with Clare Schultz, a CBIZ Account Executive, and organizational guru, about our duty as employee benefits consultants in preparing you for any challenge 2021 may bring



Episode 10: Let's talk Compliance - Playing by the Rules

In this episode, Danny chats with benefits consultant Cole Harris about everyone's favorite topic (especially in 2020) - compliance! They discuss updates coming soon in 2021, some of the legal changes related to COVID-19, open enrollment considerations, and what producers say when they don't know the answer to a compliance question. Tune in to learn a little, laugh a little, and to be prepared for 2021.



Episode 9: Financial Wellbeing & the Employee Experience

Research shows that employees who feel more financially secure in their personal life are happier and more productive in their work lives. In this episode, our host, Danny Ritz, is joined by Stan and Sue, two CBIZ subject matter experts who discuss how employers can prioritize wellbeing and empower their employees to live their best financial lives.



Episode 8: Get Ready ... It's Renewal Season!

Ready or not, renewal season is underway! In this episode, Polly Thomas, President of CBIZ Employee Benefits - Kansas City & Denver, shares tips on how to stay proactive during renewal season. Tune in to ear how to navigate renewal season with no surprises, as well as what Polly's crystal ball is saying about the effects of COVID-19 on this year's renewals. 



Episode 7: Digital Communication in a Remote World

In this episode, we talk to CBIZ Employee Benefits’ National Director of Communications, Alex Lanning, who works with clients to develop effective benefits communications strategies that drive action and engage employees. You won’t want to miss her explain how important it is to have a digital communication strategy, why industry jargon should be removed from our vocabulary and what it takes to engage a remote workforce with “rock-enroll.”



Episode 6: Diving into Diversity

While COVID-19 will remain an ongoing topic of discussion, this week’s episode is centered around Diversity and Inclusion. Steve Sublett joins us to provide insight on everything from horse farms to effective company diversity initiatives. Steve explains the business case for prioritizing diversity, the actionable steps we can all take to further this initiative, and the positive effects of glamping during COVID-19.



Episode 5: Well, well, well: Wellbeing in a Time of Crisis

In this episode, we talk to Engagement & Wellbeing Consultant LaTonia McGinnis, who works with clients to help them better understand the benefits of a holistic approach to the wellbeing of their employees. With plenty of laughs along the way, LaTonia provides us with some tangible ways we can all support each other during these times.



Episode 4: Corporate Risk Managers: How Do They Sleep at Night?

In this episode, we talk with Kristen Peed, CBIZ's Director of Corporate Risk Management to discuss navigating unknown territory, adjusting risk strategies as things continue to change, and how to remain vigilant in order to protect your company and your employees. You won’t want to miss the great insights she shares, served (as always) with a little bit of humor on the side. 



Episode 3: COVID-19 Claims: The Benefit After-Shocks

In this episode, we talk with Chris Davis, the CBIZ Director of our Health Innovation Practice, to discuss the logistics of a COVID claim and what the law says about the way hospitals can charge for treating COVID patients. Now that we are seeing COVID-19 claims hit the system, how exactly are they impacting employer-sponsored health plans and how are hospitals getting reimbursed for COVID claims?



Episode 2: Ask the Actuary: COVID-19 By the Numbers

In this episode, we interview our National Health Care Actuarial Lead, Dave Rubadue, who will break down the financial impact COVID-19 has on employer health plans. You'll hear it all - from what it's like to have quadruplets to the effects of COVID-19 on employers’ claims costs. And does it have any correlation to sports predicting models? We will find out!



Episode 1: CBIZ Prescribes: Coronavirus, A Pharmacist's Perspective

In this episode, we interview our National Pharmacy Practice Lead and licensed pharmacist, Mike Zucarelli, about what is going on in the world of pharmacy during the COVID-19 era. Mike offers words of encouragement and advice, and he delivers it all with a sense of humor.



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