Wellbeing Insights - July 2021 (newsletter)

We hope you enjoy the July 2021 issue of Wellbeing Insights, our employee wellness newsletter that offers practical tips to inspire readers to make healthy changes in their lives. Please check out our Wellbeing Consulting page and contact us if we can help.

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Wellbeing Insights - July 2021 (newsletter)https://www.cbiz.com/Portals/0/Wellbeing/wellbeing_insights_june_2021_header.jpg?ver=2021-06-03-174645-030https://www.cbiz.com/Portals/0/Wellbeing/wellbeing_insights_july_2021_thumb.jpg?ver=2021-07-08-135623-460This month’s issue includes tips for a healthy gut, including clarity on probiotics, how to bring out the best in your athletic children headed into summer, and guidance on investing in your future. We’ve also included an amazing cherry salad recipe and a 2-minute meditation that you can do every day. 2021-02-17T20:00:00-05:00Employee ManagementEmployee WellbeingYes

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