People Management | Inflation Resource Center

People Management | Inflation Resource Center

From recruiting, attraction and retention to concerns about employee wellbeing, both financial and mental, inflation is presenting employers with new challenges when it comes to their most valuable asset — their people.

So, what can employers do to meet a multitude of conflicting needs during a time of uncertainty? Check out our latest people management insights to find out.


People Management Articles

In the realm of remote work culture, leadership is tasked with guiding teams through the return-to-office mandates, balancing organizational needs and workforce preferences. This article explores the evolving role of executives in navigating the complexities of leading teams across distances amidst the transformed employment landscape.
Discover how CFOs, HR professionals, and risk managers cancollaborate to enhance operational efficiency, ensure workforce resilience, andunlock cost savings through strategic HRIS systems, engagement, and retentionstrategies.
Employee engagement is a critical lever for business success. Improve your understanding of employee engagement and how to move the needle.

The term “quiet quitting” went viral in 2022. After three tumultuous years of lockdowns, increasing employee burnout and shifting expectations for work-life balance, the phrase resonates with employees and employers alike. Quiet quitting sparks passionate reactions and prompts employers to seek fresh solutions to enhance employee engagement.

The Great Resignation, the Great Rehire, the Great Reshuffle and, more recently, “quiet quitting” and “quick quitting” . . . it’s a dizzying employment market! As recessionary fears loom, it’s vital for organizations to understand and tackle these talent concerns.

During challenging times, company leaders may feel one of theironly options is to downsize the workforce. A strategic approach can mitigate potential damage and put a struggling organizationon the road to success.

Aside from the biggest decline in job vacancies since the height of the pandemic, rising inflation and other key indicators continue to paint a complicated picture of the U.S. economy. So, what’s really going on in the labor market beyond these statistics?

Boomerang employees are on the rise. But is rehiring a former employee a risky move? Here’s why you shouldn’t overlook this talent pool and how to embrace ex-employees who want to come back.

Hiring temporary workers in a competitive and uncertain labor market can be a great strategy. Use these tips to see if interim talent fits your org's goals.

If we’re still in the middle of a talent crunch, what can financial leaders do to meet their staffing needs during a time of uncertainty? What do recession worries mean for hiring?

People Management On-Demand Webinars

Join us for a live webinar where we explore the attraction and retention benefits of Earned Wage Access for employees.
In this webinar, Anna Rathbun will explore the strengths and weaknesses of the global economy that are not often discussed in the media and shed light on whether or not a soft landing may be a reality in 2024.
The combination of high inflation and labor shortages has created a rapidly changing and hyper-competitive talent market. Our webinar will discuss key topics you should consider to succeed.