Unified HCM Solution Streamlines Employee Journey

Client Profile

Industry: Chemical Manufacturing
Geographic Footprint: International
Annual Revenue: $107 million
Number of Employees: 220


An international chemical manufacturing plant began quickly expanding, and their paper-based, manual processes along with the administrative team's many responsibilities, including employee timekeeping, payroll, and reports, started to negatively affect the organization. The company needed a solution that would be more efficient in managing their entire employee life cycle.


The company implemented Centrally HR, an all-in-one cloud-based solution, because of its full suite of HR, time and labor, and payroll tools that could mold to their pre-existing processes while also streamlining the employee journey to relieve administrative burden. With Centrally HR, the new hire onboarding process went from paper-based to paperless, which helped the company speed up the hiring process exponentially with the rapid growth it was experiencing.

Centrally HR also increased timekeeping and payroll accuracies while providing flexibility. Employees could now quickly clock in and out, as well as easily see accrual balances and request time off from their desktop and mobile devices, enriching the employee experience. Tedious time calculations were also automated. With a fully integrated human capital management system, payroll was now precise by drawing from a single employee record where all necessary information was managed. Custom reports provided much-needed insight into employee hours to ensure proper compensation.


By combining human resources, time and labor management, and payroll data into a single solution powerful enough to handle company-specific policies, the administrative team found a new world of efficiency. What used to be time-intensive tasks are now streamlined processes so the team can focus on larger goals, like recruitment and relieving undue stress.

With Centrally HR, administrators, managers and their employees have thrived from a fully integrated, user-friendly platform. Seamless workflows, a single employee record, comprehensive reporting, and a dedicated service team gives users access to real-time data for better informed business decisions and a more efficient employee life cycle.

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