University's Uncovers +$4 Million Telecom Recovery

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Sector: Public
Industry: Higher Education
Geographic Footprint: Tempe, AZ
Number of Employees: 21,000+


A university had several areas of concern with its telecom billing related to services, orders, maintenance and other capital expenditures (CapEx) but did not have the proper data and reporting bandwidth to dig deeper into the charges. It sought assistance to determine if all the charges were correct and that it was paying for the services it was using.


CBIZ’s cost recovery team performed a review and risk assessment of the university’s Master Service Arrangement and contract exhibit with the telecom provider. We also reviewed the university’s outsourced security solution. For instances where we identified overpayments to the telecom provider based on non-performance of services, we provided suggestions for how the university could recover those costs. Our team also reconciled more than five years of bills of materials and carrier service orders to monthly invoicing and created a report of reconciliation and findings. These conclusions compared the telecom provider’s billing to actual orders. CBIZ also reconciled payments and usage of monthly CapEx and maintenance accounts for more than five years and created a reconciliation report and findings.


Through our final report, the university discovered it had over $1.1 million in credits or refunds from the telecom provider. Our review of missed billing and unneeded inventory showed that the university’s overspend had totaled over $3.1 million.

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A university had concerns about its telecom billing.

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