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Client Profile

Sector: Public
Industry: Education
Number of Employees: 20,000+
Geographic Footprint: Orange County, CA

Doctor and Infant Issue

The Orange County Department of Education (“OCDE” or “Department”) is one of the largest education departments in the country providing support and oversight to 27 school districts serving more than 600 schools, 20,000 educators and over 500,000 students. OCDE’s Information Technology Department partnered with CBIZ ten years ago to provide capacity to address cybersecurity issues and enhance their overall IT security posture.


As technology has become imbedded in virtually all aspects of OCDE’s operations and cybersecurity risks have expanded proportionately, CBIZ now provides a full suite of cybersecurity assessment services to the Department – including controls assessments for critical applications; internal network vulnerability assessment; external network vulnerability assessment and penetration testing; wireless network assessment; database security assessments; business continuity planning assessment; incident response plan assessment; and social engineering procedures (i.e. dumpster diving, phone phishing, email phishing, USB baiting, physical penetration testing).


OCDE’S partnership with CBIZ has been a successful approach to implementing and maintaining cybersecurity best practices while reducing the requirement for a larger department of full-time employees, including trained cybersecurity experts. As a value add and to assist with OCDE’s remediation efforts, we provide technical results and reports from our automated assessment tools. At the Department’s request, we annually grade (A, B, C) their security posture – a particularly meaningful way to convey a year-to-year assessment to professionals in education.

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