Bogged Down Bandwidth Reveals Tech Incubator's Cyber Vulnerability

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Industry: Technology
Entity Type: Not-for-Profit
Geographic Footprint: Gulf Coast

CBIZ cybersecurity helps all entities respond to and recover from a data breach.Issue

While preparing for one of its flagship events, a technology incubator noticed its network servers had slowed down to the point it hindered the not-for-profit’s ability to meet its event deadlines.


We identified unusual activity on the not-for-profit’s servers and reached out to the FBI’s local cybersecurity division to assist in tracking down the culprit. Together, we uncovered Trojans, worms and viruses that we believed had given hackers access to the not-for-profit’s servers. The unauthorized users had been using the not-for-profit’s high-speed Internet connection and servers to download movies and music after business hours, and the network performance issues were only discovered because the not-for-profit’s employees were staying late to prepare for the event.

Once the breach was stopped, we helped the not-for-profit strengthen its information security protocol by implementing preventive measures. These included: purchasing additional equipment to accommodate storage and back-up for server segmentation, installing antivirus software on all servers and implementing log monitoring and intrusion monitoring services.


As part of its services, the not-for-profit provides members with access to its servers and high-speed Internet. By enlisting our help, the not-for-profit stopped a data breach before hackers accessed the its members’ sensitive data, which saved the not-for-profit from potential reputational and legal consequences.

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Bogged Down Bandwidth Reveals Tech Incubator's Cyber Vulnerability CBIZ cybersecurity professionals helped a not-for-profit tech incubator recover from a data breach....2016-05-31T19:57:00-05:00CBIZ cybersecurity professionals helped a not-for-profit tech incubator recover from a data breach.Risk MitigationTechnology & Life SciencesRisk Advisory Services