Bank Opens Door for Potential Breach (case study)

Client Profile

Asset Holdings: $850 million
Industry: Financial Institution
Geographic Footprint: 9 locations in Kansas City metro
Employee Headcount: 100+

CBIZ social engineering can reveal vulnerabilities.Issue

Concerned about the potential fallout from a breach, a bank wanted to test how well its branch employees complied with the bank’s information security program.


Our social engineering team posed as one of the bank’s vendors to perform a pretexting/facility breach exercise. Disguised as a vendor, we went into one of the bank’s branches and asked to be admitted to secure locations. Bank employees directed, but did not accompany us, to the branch’s server control room, which included all of the branch’s Web servers, its alarm system and its surveillance system. Our team was also able to move freely in the teller area where the bank kept unlocked drawers of money.

Following the exercise, the bank received a report detailing the pretexting procedures our team employed to gain access to the bank’s data. The report also included suggested policy improvements. Findings from the report helped the bank to strengthen its information security protocol for visitors. We re-conducted the exercise later and found that on the second go-around, branch employees prevented a pretexting-style attack.


Outside users masquerading as authorized users, also known as pretexting, can lead to breaches of confidential information, theft and other cybersecurity attacks. Through our services, the bank heightened its awareness of pretexting and other sources of data loss, potentially limiting its risk of a real-life breach.

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Bank Opens Door for Potential Breach (case study)A social engineering exercise conducted by CBIZ exposed weaknesses in the information security protocol for a financial institution....2016-05-19T21:07:00-05:00A social engineering exercise conducted by CBIZ exposed weaknesses in the information security protocol for a financial institution.Risk MitigationFinancial InstitutionsRisk Advisory Services