Accounting Operations Re-Engineered to Support Changing Business

Client Profile

Annual Revenue: $1 billion
Entity Structure: Corporation
Industry: Construction
Geographic Footprint: International
Ownership Structure: Public

Accounting Function Issue

A publicly traded drilling company was planning to move its world headquarters to a new city. Recognizing that not all of its accounting staff would want to make the move, the company needed a proactive and flexible approach to planning for loss of personnel. It also needed to ensure the move was seamless for the accounting function.


CBIZ developed a comprehensive cutover and strategy plan to move the accounting function to the new headquarters without a disruption in service. As part of that plan, our team also created updated job descriptions for all positions in the department to be used to recruit and interview new staff to fill positions as soon as they became open. And in order to ensure consistency and efficiency across the organization, CBIZ provided oversight of all accounting system procedures and documentation. Finally, because the company was required to comply with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), we reviewed and updated all global accounting policies to accommodate all international and domestic locations.


All plans were approved by the Board, and the move was a success. Our updated job descriptions were used to hire new accounting staff, with CBIZ even helping during interviews of some key positions. After a nearly nine-month engagement of planning and execution, the accounting team was operating efficiently at full staff.

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