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No surprise to anyone, the pandemic, civil unrest, economic uncertainty and an abundance of disastrous weather events influenced losses of over $1 billion in 2020, accelerating an already hardening insurance marketplace – one that is less friendly to insurance buyers. You can expect double digit increases at renewal – but your hands aren’t tied. By understanding current market trends and implementing some standard practices, you can manage your coverage and achieve your lowest cost of risk. 
On June 16th, the world waited with baited breath the results of the June Federal Reserve Meeting. Since then, some narratives have emerged in the marketplace suggesting that the Fed actually no longer believes in the “transitory” perspective for inflation. So is this the Fed’s public confession that they were wrong about inflation being “transitory?”
Companies are coming to grips with the fact that supply chain disruptions have become and may remain a consistent feature of doing business in the manufacturing and distribution sectors. Whereas risk mitigation strategies are often tightly tied to insurance and liability policies, managing supply chain risk must be a key organizational function requiring personnel, policies and preparation. 
If accessing a global market is a consideration for your strategic growth plan, the U.S. Commercial Service will immediately give you access to unparalleled guidance in market selection and sales channels for your product(s). 
Business owners who educate themselves on market trends, carefully asses their unique exposures and establish effective, well-documented risk management practices will be in position to secure the best possible coverage rates and terms. Here’s what to consider.
In much the same way a manufacturer sources raw materials and negotiates the procurement process, creative procurement of health care can manage program cost without sacrificing the quality of this critical employee benefit. 
Understanding the complexity of workers’ compensation can be daunting. Claims can be associated with a variety of expected and unexpected costs.

CFOs can help manage their risk protocol by reviewing the following areas.

Analysis of the tax changes outlined in the Treasury Department’s Green Book provide more insight into the Biden Administration’s plan to finance infrastructure reform.

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