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Consider a scenario where a family business ownergrapples with how to equalize inheritances for his four children when two areactive in the business while two have careers separate from the familybusiness. Three options are discussed in this first in a series of articles onsuccession and exit planning for closely-held businesses and SMEs.
The commercial real estate market is heating up again but maintaining this momentum will not be an easy feat. Trending threats are many – hybrid workforces reducing office space requirements, expanded online shopping translating to big-box store and shopping mall declines, skilled workers shortage and delays in the global supply chain. It’s vital to be on top of your game when those potential pitfalls drop. The challenge is twofold - prepare for unforeseen and be ready for new opportunities.
In addition to a global pandemic and numerous natural disasters, public entities are now experiencing an increase in mega claims (awards greater than $1 million).
Congressional Democrats will likely face delays as they try to meet President Joe Biden's goal of completing a $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill by December that includes family incentives and tax hikes on corporations and wealthy individuals.

Accountants tend to think of the Chief Financial Officer position as the pinnacle of their professional career – but there are options outside of that trajectory for financial professionals who are interested in a different kind of executive position.

Senate Democrats are considering moving some tax proposals, aimed at corporations and wealthy individuals, in their $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill without a formal markup by the Finance Committee.

Key updates financial leaders will want to understand about the AICPA updates to the form and content requirements for financial statement auditors’ reports, effective for audit periods ending after Dec. 15, 2021.

The pandemic may have changed consideration of whether healthcare providers use medical office timeshares.

It's no secret that the workplace has changed forever. While some people are gradually returning to an office setting, most have embraced remote work as a desirable alternative.

The London Interbank Offer Rate (LIBOR) is the current interest benchmark for bonds, loans, derivatives and securitizations worldwide.

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