Cyber resilience should be part of every disaster recoveryplan.

ESG is more than investments; it is a philosophy or a set of principles and actions that encompasses much more. 

Technology companies in particular may need to take note of how to improve diversity and inclusion efforts.

Here are some changes to expect after the presidential inauguration.

Risk and risk management have evolved as a result of COVID-19, forcing employers to consider a new approach for many emerging issues. Two primary health-related risks that employers must address are chronic conditions and mental health.
With close student contact and often a lack of proper hygiene practices, schools are ideal breeding grounds for the pread of illness and disease. 
Most school districts and individual schools have emergency management plans in place. 

Several converging factors are affecting the healthcare sector, a discussion of which follows.

Several significant rule updates to international tax provisions were made in the latter half of 2020.

TheCOVID-19 pandemic and 2020 as a whole have brought about significant changes inthe healthcare compliance environment.

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