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Cost-Effective Health Plan Perks to Consider in 2023

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For employers looking to stay ahead of the curve this year, incorporating the benefits employees value most into their health plan is essential. However, it’s equally important to keep your bottom line in mind.

To determine the top health plan features employers are — and should be — offering in 2023 and beyond, we conducted the 2023 CBIZ State of Health Care survey. The results of that survey indicated that a holistic wellbeing program, direct primary care and employer-sponsored health centers, and family-forming benefits are all key aspects of a competitive benefits package that will set your organization apart without breaking the bank.

Holistic Wellbeing Program

Low employee wellbeing is a top contributor to rising health costs. This makes a holistic wellbeing program an invaluable health plan feature for organizations seeking ways to cut costs and enhance workplace wellbeing.

Popular Wellbeing Offerings

The 2023 State of Health Care survey indicated that some of the most popular wellbeing offerings for 2023 include:

  • Disease/condition-specific education/programs 
  • Biometric screenings 
  • Health coaching 
  • Health risk assessments 
  • Weight management programs 

Financial wellness, in particular, has grown in importance as employees’ salaries are stretched thinner. Consider expanding your financial wellness benefits to include student loan repayment, refinancing solutions, retirement savings plans, safety net insurance, emergency savings funds, financial coaching, financial crisis management planning and more.

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Direct Primary Care & Employer-Sponsored Health Centers

Due to the growth of medical insurance and other intermediaries, primary care physicians’ role as gatekeeper in the health care delivery system has diminished. This coupled with increased financial incentives for physicians to choose areas of specialty other than primary care has resulted in employees’ access to primary care being greatly reduced.

However, employers can address this pertinent health access issue by considering the use of direct primary care (DPC) or implementing onsite or near-site employer-sponsored health centers. These strategies are also innovative ways to contain health care costs.

When a direct primary care practice or worksite provider is engrained with an employer, it enhances employers’ ability to:

  • Create stronger measurements of improved health outcomes for chronically ill members with lifestyle-related conditions. 
  • Triage medical services to the appropriate levels of care so that chronic condition maintenance and high-risk condition management take priority.  
  • Drastically reduce medical plan costs related to fee-for-service charges that have wild variance in pricing. 
  • Avoid unnecessary costs related to specialty care.  

Family-Forming Benefits

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade will impact employee benefits considerations this year. Perhaps the most significant impact is a renewed focus on reproductive health.

The Supreme Court’s ruling, eliminating the federal constitutional right to abortion care, has led to a patchwork of state laws on this type of health care, forcing employers to find new ways to support their employees’ needs. According to our survey findings, many employers are offering expanded family-friendly and family-forming benefits, such as:

  • Infertility treatments 
  • Pre-maternity & maternity leave 
  • Adoption assistance 
  • Surrogacy assistance 

These trending benefits can have a strong impact on attraction and retention, making them top health plan features for 2023.

Want to see more of the data collected from our State of Health Care survey? Download the 2023 State of Health Care Report now to discover all the insights.

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