Biden’s stimulus bill heads to the Senate where it will face obstacles to pass before March 14, 2021.

Here are some points to consider when applying fair value accounting in 2021.

Pandemic-related issues were still dominating the headlines during the first month of 2021, and we ended January cautiously hopeful on vaccinating the country. 
Insurers are utilizing more stringent underwriting guidelines and becoming more selective about the type of accounts they are willing to insure. Developing a plan to ensure the quality of the data used for your submission has a direct correlation to your total cost of risk.

Banks previously not subject to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Improvement Act of 1991 (FDICIA) may soon find themselves with new reporting requirements.

Shuttered Venue Operator Grants may help cultural institutions hard hit by the COVID-19 disruption.

Final rules on carried interests are more taxpayer-friendly

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act hits on many aspects of benefits and employment. From mandated health coverage to emergency paid sick leave and more. Get all those details here.

Automation and technology can be key tools for human resources to improve efficiency and productivity. Here is how technology can help drive HR efficiencies. 
As an employer, it’s your job to ensure you can support the mental health of your employees. Here are 5 ways HR can play a pivotal role in promoting the wellbeing of employees. 

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