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Emerging cybersecurity trends for 2022 and how your company can prepare for them. 

The first time you undergo a SOC 2 report, there may be some challenges, so it's important to know what to expect.

The Great Resignation has led to a labor shortage for companies across the country. As of June 2021, more than 3 million employees had quit their jobs, and that number has continued to rise.
IBM Security has estimated over 18.8 billion data records were breached in just the first six months of 2020.
According to a survey conducted by Glassdoor, January is the most popular month for employee resignations. Organizations that want to minimize turnover and increase retention after the holidays need to focus on getting employees excited to return to work.
Congratulations to our 2021 CBIZ Food Drive display winners!
As the Great Resignation rages on, organizations must do more to increase retention. One way you can make a significant impact on employee satisfaction is by ensuring that each new hire starts off on the right foot. Optimizing your onboarding process can give you the chance to connect with new employees immediately, ultimately increasing long-term loyalty.
A federal emergency temporary standard has been announced to address covid-19 infection dangers in the workplace. See what risks this mandate might cause for your workplace. 

As businesses are increasingly focused on reopening and rebuilding, it’s important to also stay on top of non-COVID-related regulatory and legislative matters to ensure continued compliance. This update covers issues involving COVID testing updates, health care transparency, service provider fee disclosures and more.

Employersshould talk to their tax and legal advisors in deciding whether or not toinitiate withholding.

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