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Michael LoGiudice

Michael LoGiudice

August 8, 2017 By Michael LoGiudice

Complex Insurance Claims – Understand and Work the Process (article)

Make sure your insurance claims adequately cover your property.

Biz Tips: Understanding Complex Insurance Claims

November 3, 2015 By Michael LoGiudice

Biz Tips: Understanding Complex Insurance Claims

Property and casualty claims are very complex and can be a challenge to get through. Many employers have experience with handling liability claims, but not nearly as much with property and casualty. Michael LoGuidice offers his advice, should you find yourself dealing with your insurance provider in a P&C case. For more information, visit CBIZ Valuation

February 27, 2013 By Michael LoGiudice

Witness Tackles Storm Damage (article)

Michael LoGiudice draws on his construction know-how to assess hurricane losses.
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