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August 22, 2017

Well, not really – but almost!

Yesterday, the Phoenix office had the distinct pleasure of witnessing a solar eclipse. While we weren’t on the path of totality, we DID have a 63% eclipse which was still very fun to see.

(Our attempt at taking a photo through the glasses - not great, but not bad either!)

Some of us were nerdy (or cool? - we prefer cool) enough to have purchased the protective glasses needed to view the eclipse, while others even made pinhole projectors. With our necessary implements, we made our way outside to view the eclipse’s peak together.


(Pamela Davis, Audit Admin Manager, showing off her science skills for the eclipse.)

We were happy to see that it wasn’t just us outside, but dozens of people from other offices, and they came just as prepared as we did! It was truly special to share this unique experience with colleagues and strangers alike.

Leave it to a celestial event to bring us all together! 


(Melissa McGee, HR Admin Assistant, was obviously impressed.)

(Left to Right: Amy O'Loughlin, Senior Tax Manager, and Zandra O'Keefe, Tax Managing Director, taking turns with the glasses)

August 8, 2017

DID YOU KNOW that as of July 1, 2017, AZ employers are required to provide paid sick leave? 

To help you better understand this new law, check out the FAQs below!

Q: Is sick leave required for all Arizona employees?

A: YES. ALL companies in Arizona with more than one employee must offer sick leave to its employees, including part-time, temporary, and seasonal workers.

Q: Which employers are subject to the law?

A: All employers in Arizona. If you act directly or indirectly in the interest of an employee, it applies to you.

Q: How should sick leave be accrued?

A:  Employees begin accruing one (1) hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked. Accrual will begin as of July 1, 2017 or date of hire, whichever is first.

Q: How much sick leave can be accrued in a year.

A: It depends on the size of the company. 

- Companies with <15 employees: Accrue and use up to 40 hours of sick leave/year

- Companies with >15 employees: Accrue and use up to 24 hours of sick leave/year

- Note: Unused sick leave can be carried over to the next year, subject to limitations.

Q: Are there notice requirements for employees and employers?

A: Yes.

- Employees: should follow the employer's written policy while requesting sick leave.

- Employers: must provide written notice to employees as to their rights and responsibilities on the date of hire, or  July 1, 2017, whichever is later.


For more information, visit the Arizona Industrial Commission's FAQ sheet here.

June 12, 2017

As you may have seen in the news, Kansas has retroactively repealed the exemption from taxation for flow-through income (including income reported on Federal Schedules C, E and F) beginning in 2017.  The bill does reinstate the deductions associated with this flow-through income, such as self-employment taxes, self-employed health insurance and pension contributions, which will help somewhat to lower the tax increase from the flow-through income.  However, the Kansas bill also retroactively increases individual income tax rates effective for 2017 and ends the “path to zero” income tax rates in Kansas which were scheduled to be phased in over the next few years.  The bill was vetoed by Governor Brownback but quickly overridden by the Kansas Legislature. 

For 2017, the previous income tax rates are increased by .3% and a new rate of 5.2% is established for individuals filing married filing jointly with taxable income over $60,000.  For all other individual taxpayers the 5.2% rate will apply to taxable income over $30,000.  Important to note:  the bill does provide that no penalties or interest will be assessed for any underpayment of taxes due to the changes in law, as long as the underpayment is paid on or before April 17, 2018.  As a result, you will likely be able to continue paying any estimated tax payments which have already been established.

Looking forward, the limit on certain itemized deductions is scheduled to be gradually increased from 2018 to 2020 such that 100% of mortgage interest and real estate taxes will be deductible in 2020.  For the year 2018, medical expenses will again become 50% deductible as part of this gradual phase in of increased itemized deductions. 

For most individuals, the new legislation will result in more income tax liability in Kansas.  As a result, Kansas flow-through entities should take steps to reduce the income flowing through to the shareholders/partners/members of these entities.  One immediate step which should be considered is whether the entity will qualify for any Kansas incentives.  We can schedule a meeting with our State Incentive Team to determine what incentives the company would qualify for in 2017 (including tax credits, training grants and other reimbursements).  If the company currently does not qualify, we can work with you to review and potentially restructure current processes and procedures to qualify.  Most of these credits and incentives are not retroactive so it is imperative to get the process started now!  For this and other tax planning or any questions on the recent tax act, please contact your local CBIZ tax advisor. 

May 18, 2017

We here in the Phoenix office were proud to be announced as a recipient of the 2017 When Work Works award, presented by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Families and Work Institute (FWI)!

The WWW Award "highlights how effective and flexible workplaces can yield positive results and help employees succeed at work and at home." This distinction is truly an honor, and we are happy to receive this recognition for putting our team first.

We look forward to continually making our policies and programs better for team, and developing a culture that promotes work-life fit, flexibility, and respect!

For a list of our fellow award winners, click here.

April 27, 2017

On Thursday April 20th the CBIZ MHM, LLC Kansas City Manufacturing Practice co-hosted the 2017 Manufacturing Summit at TopGolf with co-hosts UMB Bank and Spencer Fane. Guests were invited to sit in various presentations surrounding industry hot topics. Bill Smith, Esq., managing director CBIZ National joined Chris Gutierrez, president of KC SmartPort to shed light on President Trump’s upcoming tax reform and the current state of Kansas City development.

Other sessions included Andre’ Trudell, managing director, UMB Bank joined by Special Agent Christopher Lamb, FBI discussing Corporate Security and Accessing Capital Markets. Kansas City Law Firm, Spencer Fane took the stage with partners Patrick McInerey, Pat Whalen and Attorney Jaspal Hare to discuss software development contracts, cyber security and internal and government investigations. After the seminar more than 40 guests were invited to join the speakers for golf and networking featuring a southern buffet and open bar at one of Kansas City’s best entertainment spots, TopGolf. 

For more information about the event or our Manufacturing distribution list please contact Melanie Clark.


April 18, 2017

Last Friday morning, the CBIZ Easter Bunnies worked quickly and quietly, sneaking around the office hiding Easter eggs for our First Annual Easter Egg Hunt. And naturally because it was the first (of what we hope to be many) egg hunt, we had to make it a complete surprise! You never know how grown adults will view the prospect of an egg hunt, but we were relieved to see that EVERYONE was ready to play - I mean, who wouldn't want to win gift cards and candy, right?

As it's the end of busy season, we didn't want to the hiding spots to be too difficult, but we also couldn't just give the prizes away - so we had fun with it!

(Our egg hiders were very proud of this hiding spot.)

Much to our disappointment, the first of two Golden Eggs was found 10 minutes, but the 2nd was found last - so we didn't do too badly at hiding them. Next year, we'll be finding MUCH harder spots!

Overall, our First Annual Easter Egg Hunt was a great success, and helped all of us take our minds off of the stresses of busy season for a few minutes. We'll definitely be doing this again next year!

Some of our winners...

(Pictured: Michael Milliken, Audit Extraordinaire, and winner of the first Golden Egg, who we secretly suspect is a former Easter Hunt champion.)

(Pictured left to right: 3 of our resident Tax Gurus Paige Witherspoon, Denise Foshe, and Annie Burch showing off their prizes.]

(Pictured: Jianjie Li, Tax Pro. Not only did Li find the 2nd Golden Egg, but it was his first egg hunt ever! That's got to be the most fun case of beginner's luck we've ever seen.)

March 29, 2017

Each year, CBIZ hosts an annual food drive competition between all of our 100+ offices, and for the past 3 years (3!) the Phoenix office has come out on top. Now, we don't like to brag (well, not too much), but we outdid ourselves during the 2016 food drive, raising just under $20,000 for St. Mary's Food Bank! And as the winners of the company-wide competition, our corporate office donated an additional $5,000 to St. Mary's, pushing our total to nearly $25,000. As you can imagine, we were thrilled with this outcome!

While we here in the Phoenix office were perfectly content with our hard won bragging rights, we were excited to learn that St. Mary's Food Bank was honoring CBIZ & MHM as a 2017 Hunger Hero. Deborah Kimes, Business Development Manager, and Ashley Gojic, Marketing Manager, attended the awards luncheon to accept the award on our behalf, and to hear about the incredible impact of the work St. Mary's does in our community.

"It was so inspiring to learn about the vast impact St. Mary's has on reducing hunger in Arizona. It's hard to imagine the outcomes for those in need without the assistance St. Mary's provides," said Ashley Gojic. "We are beyond proud to support St. Mary's, and look forward to strengthening our relationship with them through volunteering and continued fundraising efforts."

Many thanks to our Phoenix team members and their families for their continued efforts to help the hungry in our community!

(Pictured: Deborah Kimes and Ashley Gojic at the St. Mary's Hunger Hero Luncheon)

March 29, 2017

March 22, 2017

Our Memphis blog is closing. We've enjoyed connecting with you here. Please follow our national CBIZ Solutions and Insights blog here.

March 8, 2017

At CBIZ, our #1 core value is “We do the right thing.” In addition to doing right by our clients and employees, we believe one of the best ways to fulfill this core value is by supporting our local communities.

Here in the Phoenix office, we take this call to action very seriously – but we also have fun doing it as a team! In February, we sponsored Southwest Human Development’s annual “Walk With Me” event, and they really outdid themselves! Not only was the Carnival theme a huge hit with adults and children alike, but they raised over $150,000! We’re honored to support such a vital organization.

For more information about Southwest Human Development, visit www.swhd.org.  

(Pictured: Our very own Tax Managing Director, and SWHD Board Member, Zandra O’Keefe (center) proudly representing CBIZ.)


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