July 10, 2020

Survey Says: M&A Uncertainty Remains, but Deal Activity Hasn’t Stopped


As we enter into the third quarter, uncertainty around M&A activity remains. In speaking with our sponsor and banker clients over the last three months, we have heard common sentiments around deal transactions and the overall environment.

CBIZ CMF conducted a survey that included private equity and investment banker executives and found that, based on recent activity, these feelings of M&A unpredictability hold true. There continues to be significant questions as to what valuations should be in a COVID-19 environment. Our survey indicated that there was an even dispersion of valuation expectations, ultimately meaning tremendous uncertainty remains.

Average Multiples

Questions remain around valuation, but PE and investment banker executives can all agree that deals will take longer, with 67% saying it will take 3-6 months and 33% indicating it will take even longer to close a platform acquisition. Although M&A deal activity has slowed down, it hasn’t stopped.

As we transition through these uncertain times and evaluate the pandemic’s impact on the M&A market, CBIZ CMF is here to help as you or your clients close deals. Whether you are on the buy- or sell-side, CBIZ CMF can drive value and optimize potential for both the deal at-hand and whatever comes next.

Please contact Jackie Lantieri at jlantieri@cbizcmf.com for more information.

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