November 18, 2019

Now What?

Now What?

The Independence Hall photo above is the view from our new Philadelphia office; our Founding Fathers spent significant time and energy here debating our independence and diligently working to get a "deal" signed, and then, all of a sudden it was signed – now what?

Similarly, in today's M&A environment, significant time and energy is spent to get a deal signed. After our "John Hancock" moment, we want both sides working together in the same direction, and we don't want it to dissolve into war.

Good starts lead to good finishes, and the first 100 days post-transaction can be the most challenging, complex, and uncertain. Having the appropriate cross-functional and industry experts around the signature table will ensure success out of the gate and keep plans on track for the long-term. Successful post-transaction preparation requires communication and understanding – CBIZ CMF bridges the gap between selling shareholders and new owners.

Helping You Through the First 100 Days

CBIZ CMF's proven post-transaction FORWARD service model includes:

  • Finance Department Management. We have experience with a range of office of the CFO functions, including skilled professionals, M&A expertise, finance department operations, and governance.
  • Operational Enhancements. Our team has a range of process and cost-saving solutions. We also offer out of the gate perspective and experience from working at over 1,300 portfolio companies.
  • Reporting Upgrades. We rapidly understand the state of data sources, reports, analytics, and FP&A processes, and consider future state to identify improved reporting and key performance indicators.
  • Working Capital Adjustment Schedule. We help prepare working capital adjustment schedules and successfully negotiate differences between buyer and seller.
  • Acquisition Accounting, Valuation & Audit Preparation. Our professionals are experienced with complex purchase accounting, and our turnkey solutions help you meet your reporting and audit requirements.
  • Rendition of Future IT Systems. We analyze current state and future needs to lead a technology solution to address the needs of middle-market portfolio companies.
  • Departmental Transition to Full-Time CFO. We are experienced with reliable, interim CFO support and can provide decision making until a full-time candidate is on-boarded and transition knowledge.

Click here to learn more about CBIZ CMF's FORWARD Program, or contact Clare Yuritch at cyuritch@cbizcmf.com for more information.

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