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March 19, 2019

"We have a slight edge for a very short period of time" (blog)


While conversing with some colleagues, I blurted out “we have a slight edge for a very short period of time,” [unless we continually innovate]. This seems to be the reality for most industries and their leaders. Success today is fleeting, and the fundamental issue for leaders is understanding how to extend the useful life of existing “edges”/advantages and create new ones.

In today’s market, we are seeing the following:

  • Edge with Customers: Intently focusing on solving their problem, as opposed to selling your product. Become a part of their solution through consolidated, innovative offerings.
  • Edge with Employees: While learned skills are “table stakes” in most industries, raw intellect, communication skills, and work ethic are critical in a dynamic environment. Ensure your culture and professional development programs foster these attributes.
  • Edge through Leadership: Extending the value of advantages requires insight, creativity, and communication. As a leader, take on this work as one of your primary responsibilities.

What information do you review to extend edges and identify new ones? Is your data analysis adequate enough to provide clues? Do you have the appropriate communication channels to get these clues to those who can create insight? Moreover, does your corporate culture create the institutional desire for a mindset of continuous improvement? 

“There are cracks to other worlds, places in our daily existence where you can pry the walls open and arrive on the other side — if you can get your fingers around the edges.”  Derek Franz, Professional Climber

For assistance in extending and creating edges, contact our CBIZ CMF leaders:


Thomas Bonney, Senior Managing Director


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