May 12, 2011

Medicare Part D Updates

Change in Medicare Part D Annual Enrollment Period plus New Model Notices of Creditable and Non-Creditable Coverage

The health care reform law, enacted in 2010, changed the Medicare Part D enrollment period.  Beginning with enrollment for the 2012 year, the annual Medicare Part D annual open enrollment period is changing from November 15th through December 31st to October 15th through December 7th.  As a result of the change in annual enrollment dates, all Medicare Part D notices of creditable or non-creditable coverage must be provided prior to October 15, 2011, rather than November 15, 2011. 

CMS has issued revised model Notices of Creditable and Non-Creditable Coverage to be used on or after April 1, 2011, in both English and Spanish.  As background, the Medicare Part D Notice of Creditable or Non-creditable Coverage must be provided at least annually, prior to the Medicare Part D open enrollment period.

  • Model Individual Creditable Coverage Disclosure Notice Language (English or Spanish)
  • Model Individual Non-Creditable Coverage Disclosure Notice Language (English or Spanish)

2012 Part D Benefit Limits

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have released the 2012 cost of living adjustments for Medicare Part D prescription drug benefits.  The following are selected modified limits relating to the standard drug benefit and the retiree drug subsidy.

Standard Benefit Design







Initial coverage limit



Out-of-pocket Threshold



Maximum Cost Sharing in Catastrophic Coverage Portion of Benefit:

  • Generic/Preferred Multi-Source Drug
  • Other






Retiree Drug Subsidy Amounts




Cost Threshold



Cost Limit







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