January 7, 2014

CBIZ HCR Analyzer

Health Care Reform – Complex Issues Require A Broad Perspective

Health care reform affects multiple facets of every organization, including tax, benefits, compensation, payroll and related areas. Because all of these components impact one another they cannot be looked at in isolation. Rather, a comprehensive intellectual framework is needed to help organizations develop viable strategic responses to the reform initiative.

The Impact Is Significant

  • The risks and penalties of non-compliance are high; however, with the proper knowledge and guidance your organization can ensure it is meeting all health care reform requirements.

  • Your organization likely has potential for great cost savings by reviewing the challenges and opportunities that health care reform presents. It is important to conduct a thorough analysis in order to determine which of the wide range of options available will maximize your savings.

The bottom line is that employers need a flexible, easy-to-understand analytic tool delivered by a team of experts.


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