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May 28, 2014

The CBIZ MHM Private Equity Practice Group (podcast)

The CBIZ MHM Private Equity Practice Group


Timothy Woods, Managing Director with the CBIZ MHM Denver office explains the benefits of the CBIZ MHM Private Equity Practice Group. 

Throughout the life cycle of an investment, needs emerge or change. As companies grow and evolve, CBIZ is there to grow with you, leveraging the necessary resources to support your efforts and serve as your trusted adviser. CBIZ provides a wide variety of services to private equity, venture capital, and angel investors as well as their portfolio companies. We have established relationships with many leading capital providers and provided investment backed companies around the globe with the resources and objective reporting necessary to effectively manage their businesses.

Whether rendering timely transaction advisory services, providing deal flow, assisting in structuring or closing a deal, conducting annual audit* or tax work, or facilitating an exit strategy, CBIZ provides the personnel, resources and advice to help you make educated decisions pertinent to your bottom line.


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