June 30, 2014

Captive Insurance Solutions (fly sheet)

The CBIZ National Captive Insurance Practice Group has the expertise, resources and resume to help your organization explore how participating in a captive insurance arrangement may be more financially efficient than your current risk financing arrangement.


  • Keep the underwriting profits and investment income generated from your premium dollars
  • Control all facets of the products and services being provided to you
  • Create an addtional profit center for your organization out of what currently is an expense
  • Benefit from the stabilization of insurance pricing and market availability
  • Gain direct access to the reinsurance markets (your buying wholesale vs. retail)
  • Free yourself from the control of insurance companies
  • Realize potential estate planning and wealth preservation opportunities to business owners


  • Single Parent (Pure) Captive
  • Group Captive
  • Association Captive
  • Health Insurance Captive
  • Sponsored Captive
  • Micro Captive


Our unique value proposition is that we provide consultancy and solutions on an unbundled basis. We are not tied to only certain captive insurance service providers. We do not bundle all captive services internally. Our vast portfolio of captive facilities, service providers and legal/tax/actuarial specialists provide every client with a customized solution created for their specific profile, goals and objectives.

 View Our Captive Insurance Solutions Fly Sheet