March 1, 2018

Is your company investing in leadership development? Here’s why you should.

Last week, the CBIZ Leadership Council celebrated this year’s graduating class by ringing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange. This “best in class” program at CBIZ recognizes and develops high-performing individuals who have demonstrated success in their current roles or have potential to assume greater leadership responsibility in the future. For the first time since the program’s inception in 2011, this class was entirely female, comprised of CBIZ Women’s Advantage (CWA) Executive Board members. This momentous stride underscores the importance CBIZ places on leadership development and specifically the advancement of women.

In today’s competitive business environment, it pays to invest in developing your current and future leaders. Here are a just a few of the benefits of doing so.

Company culture: Creating a strong culture within your company depends on strong leadership. Strong leaders incite growth, manage through change and create excitement within an organization. How leaders identify and address challenges and opportunities their company faces sets the tone for everyone within their organizations. Through development and training, leaders are able to strengthen their confidence in managing and addressing any obstacle and capitalizing on opportunities, which in turn will enrich your company’s culture.

Retention and recruiting: Top talent in today’s job market are seeking more than a title; they crave opportunity for career advancement. To attract high-performing prospective employees and retain current employees, it’s essential to offer professional development. Companies that insist in training and developing their leaders clearly reflects the company’s commitment to recruiting and retaining the best and brightest in their industries.

Business trajectory: Two of the biggest challenges facing leaders today are lack of confidence and, on the reverse side, becoming complacent. Building confidence can be accomplished in many ways, but within a leadership program, scenarios can be created to address difficult challenges and this training can help leaders learn how to respond. The workplace environment is constantly evolving, and leaders must be prepared for the challenges that come with change. With constant learning and development, strong and effective leaders approach change with confidence. Their strong leadership styles will positively impact your company’s successful business trajectory. Confident smart leaders move a business forward!

The CBIZ Leadership Council has developed high performers into outstanding leaders. Companies that don’t have a leadership development program in place should strongly consider implementing one to reap the numerous benefits it will provide to both their employees and their businesses success.

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