December 13, 2017

CBIZ tackles hunger and collects over 1 million pounds of food for the third consecutive year

CBIZ has been working to combat hunger in our local communities since 2009, and this year, we set a goal to collect more than one million pounds of food during our annual CBIZ Food Drive. Our team embraced the “Kickoff 2017: Tackle Hunger” theme and crushed the goal, collecting an impressive 1,140,960.70 pounds of food across the country!


This year’s success marks the third consecutive year we’ve exceeded one million pounds in our collection efforts and pushes our grand total to over 6.6 million pounds of food donated in the Food Drive’s nine-year history. We couldn’t have done this without the spirit and creativity from many of our associates. Some local offices hosted fundraisers, like paint nights and a community shredding event, and many of our offices built unique displays to promote the Drive and build excitement. Check back on the blog after the holidays to see memorable photos from the events and the impressive displays the teams created. 


A big part of what drives the success of the Food Drive is the fun our teams infuse into it with some friendly competition. We want to highlight the outstanding efforts from our offices, especially those recognized as winners in their respective categories. Winning offices were determined based on the ratio of pounds of food collected to number of employees. The winners of each category will receive a corporate cash donation to a local food pantry, as well as an extra half-day of time off. The second place offices will also receive a corporate cash donation to a local food pantry and will be treated to breakfast or lunch. We also recognized a single “Most Improved” office in each category, which measures the percentage increase in donations over last year.


I am grateful for all of our employees for helping tackle hunger and surpassing our goals as a team. I also want to extend an extra congratulations to our winners:


Large office category (60 or more employees)

●        First place: CBIZ Phoenix, AZ (1,135.34 pounds per employee)

●        Second place: CBIZ Memphis, TN (467.95 pounds per employee)


Medium office category (21-59 employees)

●        First place: CBIZ Nashville, TN (1,354.29 pounds per employee)

●        Second place: CBIZ Easton, MD (851.15 pounds per employee)


Small office category (1-20 employees)

●        First place: CBIZ Greenville, SC (1,020.83 pounds per employee)

●        Second place: CBIZ Johnstown, PA (726.10 pounds per employee)


Most improved offices

●        Large: CBIZ Savitz (Philadelphia) (311.07% increase)

●        Medium: CBIZ Irvine, CA (464.65% increase)

●        Small: CBIZ Cottonwood (Overland Park, KS) (974.5% increase)

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