April 13, 2017

Driving organizational change through internal coaching

We are first human. How does this impact the work environment? With each life there is a history. This history is not checked at the door but walks into the meeting and through the building, interfaces with the client, and participates in every facet of the work day.


Why does this matter?  

High-performing organizations are by design, not default, and begin with high-performing individuals. A growing number of organizations are turning to a framework of internal coaches who can assist in creating a pipeline of leaders and develop managers who can coach their teams. An internal coach knows the culture and the natural flow of an organization. The biggest challenge for the coach will be twofold – keeping confidence of those they coach and remaining differentiated so as to bring a ‘third-party’ perspective to the session.


Why is coaching impactful for an organization?


First, before the role is the soul. No matter the organizational issue brought to a coaching session it will always distill down to something very personal. Today’s leaders need a broad skill set to maintain a competitive edge – accentuating strengths and filling in flat spots. An executive coach can evoke insight, open blind spots, challenge assumptions and cultivate greater clarity while concurrently addressing predetermined goals that align with organizational priorities.


Investing in talent is the new coin for organizational rewards. Coaching cultures are on the rise and for good reason; the Socratic Method is a time-tested way of communicating, which moves objectives forward and creates personal accountability. This is the foundation of an individualized development program.


The same competencies that contributed to a promotion will not sustain the leader in a new role. A coach can assist in bridging the gap by facilitating a "transcend and include" process. This is where prior competencies and new ones are melded together to create a foundation, which will sustain the leader in their new role.


An organization that has interest in housing an internal coach function must employ a deliberate and thoughtful process. Relying on industry standards from the International Coach Foundation will ensure the coaches are credentialed and working from a sound methodology foundation. Funneling the process through human resources is essential, as well as getting buy-in from the executive suite.



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