February 6, 2017

CBIZ to hold 5th annual Edington CBIZ Next Practice Awards

CBIZ Employee Services, in conjunction with Edington Associates LLC, will hold the fifth annual Edington CBIZ Next Practice Awards. The Next Practice awards identifies companies that are using innovative wellbeing practices and programs to cultivate a high-performing work environment and culture.

Applicants will be asked to complete a pre-qualification survey to ensure they meet the minimum criteria across the following five pillars of an effective wellness strategy:

  • Pillar I: Senior Leadership
  • Pillar II: Operational Leadership
  • Pillar III: Self-Leadership
  • Pillar IV: Recognition and Rewards
  • Pillar V: Quality Assurance

The pre-qualification survey, to register your firm for its outstanding wellbeing performance, will open soon. Stay tuned for more details on the Edington CBIZ Next Practice Award on the CBIZ blog.

To view last year’s winners, check out our press release

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