January 5, 2017

The votes are in! 2016 Food Drive display winners & most improved offices

As the 2016 presidential election was heating up, so was the 2016 National Food Drive. CBIZ surpassed the 1 million-pound mark for the second year in a row, standing behind our theme of Decision 2016: Vote to End Hunger.

We’ve already announced the offices with the highest amount of food collected, but now it’s time to recognize the top CBIZ offices in the best display and most improved categories.  

Once again, we were amazed by the creativity and effort put forth by our employees to design and construct these voteworthy displays. In addition, many of our offices took it upon themselves to significantly increase the amount of food they collected since last year's contest – some by as much as 402 percent!

Please join me in congratulating the following offices for their contributions, and be sure to check out pictures of the winning displays below.

Best display winners

1.       Salt Lake City

2.       Memphis

3.       St. Louis

Most improved offices by category

1.       Large (56+ employees) New England at 51 percent

2.       Medium (21-55 employees) M&S Frankfort at 402 percent

3.       Small (1-20 employees) St. Joseph at 45 percent

A big thank you to all participating offices and employees who made this year’s Food Drive another success. Until next year!

Salt Lake City Display

Memphis Display

St. Louis Display


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