December 12, 2016

CBIZ ESO Access delivers big benefits to small businesses

In the digital age, consumers want to have everything they could possibly need access to at their fingertips. With today’s launch of CBIZ ESO Access, that’s exactly what health care consumers get.

Powered by Maxwell Health, an innovative platform and solution that simplifies benefits, HR functions and payroll, CBIZ ESO Access provides small-to-mid sized employers and employees greater access to benefits and human resources administration through an easy-to-use interface compatible with mobile applications.

The cost of health care continues to climb, and employers are often left in the lurch wondering how to control costs while still providing their employees with top-notch health coverage. By partnering with Maxwell Health, CBIZ Employee Services Organization is able to provide employers and employees with benefits and technology only large corporations typically have access to, opening the door to a wider variety of solutions and lower costs for small-to-mid sized employers. Employees will enjoy convenience, a variety of choices afforded to them and the peace of mind that their employer has a mindful eye on costs and care.  

Want to learn more about CBIZ ESO Access? Check out our demo below and services here.


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