December 5, 2016

CBIZ beats hunger by a landslide

If the fight to end hunger in communities across the country could be measured in electoral votes, CBIZ would end the 2016 Food Drive with a million -- 1,051,863.52, to be exact.

That’s how many pounds of food CBIZ’s employees collected over two weeks in November, marking the second straight year that the company’s National Food Drive has resulted in donations of more than 1 million pounds of food. The items collected will be distributed to food pantries in communities across the country where CBIZ has a presence.

The first Food Drive kicked off in 2009, and the most recent efforts bring the total number of food collected over the years to more than 5 million pounds.

Part of what makes our Food Drive so successful is the friendly competition we encourage among offices and that each Food Drive is tied to a different theme. This year, the theme was Decision 2016: Vote to End Hunger. The recipients of the food are the clear-cut winners, but we also want to recognize the outstanding efforts put forth by our winning offices.

The offices that won were determined based on the ratio of pounds collected to employees. The winners of each category will receive a corporate cash donation to a local food pantry, as well as an extra half-day of vacation. The second place offices will also receive a corporate cash donation to a local food pantry and will be treated to breakfast or lunch for the entire office.

Please join me in thanking all of our employees for doing their part to end hunger in 2016, and be sure to check back for another blog post that will share pictures taken during the Food Drive and recognize some other office participants!

Large office category (60 or more employees)

1. CBIZ Phoenix: Collected a total of 102,637.800 pounds, which amounts to 941.6312 pounds per employee

2. CBIZ Memphis: Collected a total of 33,336.760 pounds, which amounts to 374.5703 pounds per employee

Medium office category (21-59 employees)

1. CBIZ Tucson: Collected a total of 34,919.000 pounds, which amounts to 1058.152 pounds per employee

2. CBIZ Easton: Collected a total of 35,115.370 pounds, which amounts to 924.0887 pounds per employee

Small office category (1-20 employees)

1. CBIZ Johnstown: Collected a total of 7,620.5 pounds, which amounts to 635.0417 pounds per employee

2. CBIZ Greenville: Collected a total of 4,025.000 pounds, which amounts to 575 pounds per employee

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