July 27, 2016

Comparing presidential candidates’ tax reform plans

Updated as of October 12, 2016: During a September 15 speech delivered to The Economic Club of New York, Donald Trump announced several revisions to the tax plan he originally proposed last October 2015. The infographic below has been updated to reflect these changes. 

With the Republican National Convention fresh in voters’ minds, and the Democratic National Convention kicking off this week, all eyes are on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as constituents watch for any detail in the candidates’ proposed policies that could sway their vote. Among the hotly debated topics this campaign season is, not surprisingly, tax reform.

Before heading to the polls in the upcoming fall election, check out the infographic below comparing the candidates’ plans to reform, repeal or maintain several key tax provisions including the Affordable Care Act, payroll tax, estate tax and both corporate and individual tax rates

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